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Editorial: Our thoughts are with the Sake family

We can't begin to imagine what life must be like this week for Mike, Shelly, Alyssa and Abby Sake. Just a week ago, there were five members of their family. Now, they're coping with the tragic death of 16-year-old Maddy.

Our thoughts are with them, with her relatives and with her friends, many of whom can be seen driving around Hastings these days with hand-written notes of tribute to her on their trucks and cars.

Our thoughts, too, are with the three students in the second vehicle and their families. What they must be going through is unconscionable. We hope they all heal from their wounds, both the physical and mental ones.

Ample amounts of perspective is something we all lack these days. We may complain about traffic. We may complain about a bridge construction delay, the road with the pothole or the neighbor whose grass is too long.

It is our guess that the Sake family would love to be dealing with those problems this week. The same thing could certainly be said for the three students injured in the crash and their families.

As we settle in this Thursday night, make our little plans for the weekend, put our children to bed, talk to our children at college or entertain friends, why don't we all just take a few moments to try to gain some perspective?

A look at Shelley Sake's Facebook page is a reminder at how quickly things can change. One of the last posts before Sept. 7 is a picture of a squirrel with its arms stretched out wide in a pose resembling the touchdown call of a football referee. The caption above the photo reads "Football season is once again upon us my brothers." Mixed in there are photos of donuts and photos from a family vacation. Her wall looks like yours, in other words. Starting Sept. 8, though, all that changes as friends leave their thoughts on Maddy's death.