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Editorial: Action at special session provides much needed relief

Minnesota lawmakers rose to the occasion. Although they're in the midst of a bruising election season, they tackled Friday's special session on disaster relief in brisk bipartisan fashion. This is how government should work in addressing a crisis.

Every representative and senator is up for election, thanks to redistricting. They could have picked up with the campaign posturing that surrounded the regular session, but they didn't.

Citizens can breathe a sigh of relief that the session stuck to the issue at hand. Even the latest sexual scandal involving a House member didn't derail the people's business. Let's face it: A showdown would have been a disaster in itself.

Lawmakers knew what they had to do and they did it. The session was about relief, not politics.

Help is on the way to repair millions of dollars in washed out roads and bridges. Dakota County citizens, like their counterparts in Duluth, can rejoice for a few minutes before the political flood resumes.

Red Wing Republican-Eagle