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Editorial: Resolution expected soon in Doffing case

By this time next week, we will likely know the employment status of Rene Doffing with the Hastings Police Department. He will either be soon behind the wheel of a squad car or he will be terminated.

His trial for theft begins Monday in Dakota County court, and is expected to last two to three days. We could learn of his fate as early as Tuesday or as late as Thursday.

We are certain that Doffing and the department are eager for this chapter to be over. It was some 20 months ago that the alleged theft took place, and it was about 18 months ago that he was placed on paid administrative assignment. We don't yet know the total cost for prosecuting the case, but that is a figure we will do our best to shine a light on once the matter is concluded and all the bills are in.

We are eager to see the case resolved so that the department can be back up at full staff, one way or the other. If Doffing s reinstated, he'll be back behind the wheel in just weeks. If he is terminated, the department will be able to refer to its strong group of applicants that recently competed for another opening here.