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Editorial: The state shutdown has an impact here, too

Two weeks today (Thursday) and no end in sight.

The State of Minnesota's government is shut down, and while much of the daily newspaper, radio and newspaper are covering its impact statewide and beyond, there is an impact here in Hastings, and it could become more serious if this shutdown continues.

The most visible to people here in Hastings, and those driving through our community is the lack of construction on the Highway 61 bridge.

Hundreds of state workers, who live in Hastings have been out of work through no fault of their own.

The Lewis House shelter in Hastings has been closed (see separate story) due to lack of state funding, and this week, Mary Ajax, chief executive officer of 360 Communities which operates the facility, issued a request for funding to keep the other shelter open in Eagan.

Hastings' newest restaurant, Me and Julio's, will not open as expected because of a final inspection needed - done by the state of course.

Young people, and others, wanting to take a behind-the-wheel driver's test, can't do it. You can't get a fishing license either. Vehicle license tabs can still be purchased.

There probably will be other impact to businesses - restaurants which sell liquor are required by state law to have special card to purchase the liquor. The state issues them, too.

There are probably other impacts we are not aware of, and there will be more if this continues.

It is time to stop the rhetoric from all sides and end this.