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Editorial: Chatter aplenty about Doffing

Calls have been coming in here lately about one thing: Rene Doffing.

Express Lines calls are being phoned in by area residents about one thing: Rene Doffing.

Our sales representatives in the field are hearing about one thing lately: Rene Doffing.

So, what's going on with the corkscrew theft?

The majority of the comments we have heard from people are in support of Doffing. They revolve around a conspiracy at City Hall to get rid of Doffing.

No matter how you feel about Doffing and his past here, we can assure you of one thing: The City of Hastings isn't out to get anyone. There is no witchhunt. There is no conspiracy at play to get him fired.

If you want to disagree with him being charged over stealing a $10 corkscrew, you can. Call the City of Eagan's attorney. They're the ones who are prosecuting Doffing.

If you want to believe that past administrations had it out for Doffing, you can. We don't believe that was the case but, regardless, there's a new chief in town. Paul Schnell, hired just six months ago, has far more important things to do with his time than to dream up ways to get Doffing fired. He did what any respectable chief would do: he passed the matter along to another city and asked them to look into it. Eagan's police department looked into it and decided to charge Doffing.

There are debates worth having with this matter. Was it theft if the corkscrew didn't leave the restaurant? Did Doffing actually plan to leave the restaurant with the corkscrew? Is a $10 item worth this investigation?

Again, those are debates we'd love to have. We're guessing that everyone will have a different opinion on those. No problem.

That said, though, we are confident in saying that no conspiracy is under way to remove Doffing from the department.