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Editorial: Setting it straight on bridge construction

Repeat after us: The Highway 61 bridge in Hastings will not be closed while the new bridge is built.

We promise.

There has apparently been some confusion about this around Hastings. We are here to clear up that confusion.

First, full disclosure: We probably added to the confusion when a story by St. Paul-based reporter referenced the bridge and that it would close while the new bridge was built. We published a correction the following week.

Now, back to the matter at hand: The new bridge will be built immediately west of the current bridge. While it is being constructed, rusty ol' Big Blue will remain open.

Now that we have that cleared up, let's talk more about that Highway 61 resurfacing project for this spring and summer.


We're certain automobile repair shops have been thrilled with the number of Yugo-sized potholes littering Vermillion street this year, but as drivers, we're less than excited about them.

The project will begin in May and will be completed before the bridge construction begins, something we were excited to hear.

The earliest date the bridge construction will begin is July 31, and the resurfacing of Highway 61 will be complete by then.