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Editorial: History will judge Chief McMenomy well

History will judge retiring Hastings Police Chief Mike McMenomy well.

Last week, he announced he is retiring as chief, a position he has held in Hastings for 10 years. McMenomy came to the department as a patrol officer 30 years ago.

We appreciate the work he has done, both as an officer and as a chief.

Yes, the last three years have been challenging ones for McMenomy. And depending on which side of the fence you sit, you either agree with the decisions he's made in the last three years, or you don't.

Regardless, his career in Hastings covers more than just those three years. It covers 30.

We applaud his work for the department over those 30 years, and we wish him well as he retires from the department in a few months.

Between now and then, if there's something you want to say to him, or something you want to ask him, we encourage you to call him directly at 480-2300.