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First Hastings Music Festival was a success

We were thrilled to learn this week about the success of the Hastings Music Festival.

A day after the event, organizer Nick Langley was busy tallying up receipts, donations and cash. He was happy to report that within the next few weeks, at least $12,000 will be donated to Hastings Family Service.

The donation will be possible because of great support from the business community, some key donations of time and energy, and some cash donations. Beverage sales, silent auction items and ticket sales also were key sources of revenue.

To those who donated their time, their talents and their expertise, thank you. Without your selfless acts, the festival would not have been able to generate such a large donation.

To those who volunteered their time the day of the event, thank you. You made the event possible.

And to event organizer Nick Langley, who came up with the whole idea, we thank you. Profusely.

Langley knows Hastings Family Service is needed now more than ever. So he rolled up his sleeves and spent the last three months of his life working on the festival.

We're happy to report that, based on the results, all his time was worth it. Congratulations!