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Letter to the editor: Democracy does not equal mob rule

The three senators Rachel Garaghty ("We need courage, not cowards, in Congress," Aug. 2 letter) noted, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain, were not courageous. They caved. A Senate vote to repeal and replace Obamacare would have simply started a conversation about creating a more effective and affordable health care system. Since Obamacare is imploding, and premiums are skyrocketing, I guess Garaghty would rather settle than get something better. Remember that Democrats passed Obamacare without having read the entire bill first. Not a good accounting of taxpayer money. The repeal-and-replace effort isn't over yet.

Garaghty made several accusations against Congressman Jason Lewis, one regarding town hall meetings. I suspect Garaghty agrees with the protesters who recently shot a video of their protest on the congressman's porch. Unlawfully, I might add. If so, Garaghty is on board with bullying people into doing what she wants. I also suspect the only reason she wants a town hall meeting is so that she and her cohorts can get Lewis to organize an event that they can then hijack for their own purposes, probably to make it look like the majority is against him. Not so.

If Garaghty really had serious concerns, she would have contacted the congressman through his website,, called his Burnsville office at 651-846-2120 or his D.C. office at 202-225-2271. She just has to have the courage to make the contact.

So far as I know, democracy does not equal mob rule.

Jewel Pickert