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Letter: The path our state is on is destructive

To the editor,

The voters of Minnesota should be very concerned. Our legislature recently passed one of the largest tax increases in Minnesota history.

If you listen to those behind the increase, they are trying to tell us that it is for our own good and for the good of the state. While a large tax increase is not surprising given Governor Dayton's campaign promises to raise taxes, it should alarm every Minnesotan that we have a legislature that thinks it is acceptable to over-tax a few Minnesotans to pay for the obligations of all Minnesotans.

The theory behind the selective tax increase is to take more money from those who have more money to pay for the obligations of those who don't have quite as much money. This is the legislature's way of making people pay "their fair share" as we have heard from so many legislators. I encourage every reader to do an internet search on the phrase "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need" and see what you get. Read about it and understand the slippery slope Minnesota is now traveling.

Minnesota voters are frogs in a pan of lukewarm water and the Daytonism politicians are turning up the heat little by little. We won't notice it very much until years from now when we realize employers chose other states for their new factories to avoid some of highest income taxes in the nation. We won't notice it very much until our unemployment rate leads the region for several years. We won't notice it very much until we see more and more people retiring to different states to keep more of the money they worked hard to save. Take notice Minnesota, the path we are on is very destructive.

--Paul Curtis