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Letter: Thieves should return stolen hoop

To the editor,

I am amazed by how cruel some people can be sometimes. On Mother's Day, for instance, a basketball stand and hoop were stolen from a person who has very little. It most likely took two people to lift and carry a heavy stand that was a source of enjoyment for two little boys, ages 6 and 8. The stand was stolen from the outside of an apartment building on Highway 55 in Hastings, in the middle of the day, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.; the stand and hoop had been laid on its side so it would not have been a temptation to a passerby, but you managed to spot it and steal it. I just want you to know you stole from the boys who had no other form of playground equipment; that hoop was their outside toy. You also stole it from a father who simply cannot afford to replace it for his children. The backboard was also cracked, but the thieves probably noticed that and didn't care. I would like to believe the thieves thought it was trash, but most people would have enough common sense to know if an item does not have a 'free' sign on it, it belongs to someone who wishes to keep the item. I would also like to believe the thieves have enough decency to return the hoop, but I believe that would be asking too much.

-- Fay Wallin