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Letter: Is it time to redress past homosexual grievances?

To the editor,

Personally, I do not approve of same-sex marriage.

However, now that gay marriage is law in Minnesota, indicating that a majority of Minnesotans believe the gay lifestyle deserves all the legitimacy, respect and approval of the heterosexual lifestyle, what remains to be done? Given the thousands of years of favoritism shown by all cultures toward heterosexuals, certainly the next step must be to institute an aggressive affirmative action program to redress past grievances. Laws must be passed giving gays preference in hiring to redress the millennia of discrimination and also giving gays preference in social programs such as those involving adoption, healthcare and financial support.

Religious organizations recognizing the equality of the gay and heterosexual lifestyles must also institute aggressive affirmative action programs, recruiting members of the homosexual community into the ministry as rapidly as possible. Education programs must be developed to persuade church members not entirely sympathetic to the gay lifestyle of its legitimacy and equality with the traditional heterosexual lifestyle. Churches and denominations approving of the gay lifestyle should widely and openly publicize their stance. Such churches should announce that they will demonstrate their approval of the gay lifestyle by solemnizing gay marriages with a church wedding. Such actions will not only demonstrate approval of the gay lifestyle but are also likely to increase church membership of those who have thrown off the shackles of Biblical religious constraints.

All who approve of the gay lifestyle and gay marriage must, in good conscience, contact their representatives at the national, state and local levels and their religious leaders outlining a course of action such as described above.

Morris Gildemeister