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Letter: Residents are responsible for their own vehicles

To the editor,

As citizens we have a duty to our fellow neighbors. This is where the term civic duty originates. While I may personally feel bad that certain citizens' vehicles may have been lawfully ticketed and towed based on them not knowing about a snow emergency, even the one interviewed for the recent story realized there was a chance of a snow storm.

A prudent person may have decided to not park on the street. Some decided to take a risk and many of those people woke up fined and missing a vehicle. Do not blame the police or the plow driver or even the councilman for this situation. This situation is not of their making. As a legal driver and a citizen you are required to know the laws of your jurisdiction. 

If you cannot handle the responsibility of driving and parking a vehicle, then I can list off many worthy charities that will consider taking your vehicle for a nice tax write off.

In closing, you are free to drive and park basically how you like, but these privileges come with responsibilities and some should consider the consequences of their actions. Our city workers, including our county sheriffs and police, work hard to keep this town fairly safe and hazard free. The least we can do is follow the lawful ordinances and laws. 

--Alan E Cowden, III