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Letter: Thanks for all the help with the TLC baby shower

To the editor,

On behalf of Hastings TLC I'd like to thank the community for their amazing love and support at our recent Baby Shower at Hope Glen Farm.  Thanks for the gifts, donations and show of support, we are truly grateful for you.  

Thank you also to Michael and Paula Bushilla for providing their Farm, the delicious lunch and the promotion for this event.  What a gift you both are to all of us at Hastings TLC. 

Thanks to our speakers for sharing their stories which touched the hearts of everyone present.  Thank you Tanya and Beth, you remain in our thoughts and prayers. 

Thanks to all of our table decorators and hosts for a lovely spring atmosphere.  We all felt extra special because of your hospitality.

For everyone else who helped in whatever way great or small, your service did not go unnoticed.  We appreciate all that you do for us.

Hastings TLC continues to be supported by the kindness and generosity of this community. 

We couldn't do all that we do if it weren't for all that you do.

Andrea Kullmann, executive director, Hastings TLC