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Letter: 'A gun is an inert object that cannot act on its own'

To the editor,

Oh how the media jumps on anything they can sensationalize. Well, I guess that is what creates more sales for the media.

Gun control is at the forefront currently. My heart goes out to the families of Sandy Hook for their loss of the small children and the heroic adults in this tragic incident.

Since the "Massacre at Sandy Hook," as the media calls it, gun control advocates, politicians and the media have jumped on the bandwagon. Banning assault weapons is the cry. Get rid of high capacity magazines. Make more laws to control gun sales. Register the name of everyone who buys ammunition. Ban all guns.

I have had innumerable discussions on gun control both face-to-face and email with friends, acquaintances and even people I do not know. What amazes me is how many people have formed opinions or support gun control and know little or nothing about the subject. They want to ban assault weapons and don't even know what they are or how they operate. An assault-type weapon was used at Sandy Hook but the maniac who shot those children could have used a pistol, hunting rifle or shotgun with the same result. Most of these people are forming opinions and making decisions on a subject they know little or nothing about. It would seem to me if you are going to have an opinion or make a decision on something you should have knowledge about the subject. It scares me to think these are the same people voting and making decisions about elected officials in the same manner.

By now you have surmised I am a pro-gun advocate. I am a senior citizen who has been a hunter and shooting sports participant as long as I can remember.

I am a life member of more than one shooting organization. I love guns. I enjoy them not only for sport but I appreciate their aesthetic value just as one would enjoy a great painting or a good book. I am amazed by the intricate working parts that operate them. I applaud the genius of the inventors and engineers who created them. I am enthralled by the history of firearms and how it relates to our progression as a free society.

A gun is a tool, an inert object that cannot act on its own. It is only as good or bad as the person holding it. More laws? Prohibition worked well, and drug enforcement has really worked well. Are we so narrow minded as to think that more laws are going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or mentally deranged individuals? Do you think a criminal who wants a gun goes to Gander Mountain and fills out a NICS form to purchase one?  I saw a statistic recently that I believe said that in 2010 violent deaths by guns were a little over 30,000 in the US and over half of them were suicides. Do you think a person bent on suicide is going to change their mind because a gun is not available?

Wake up people. Gather knowledge before you form opinions and take sides.

Beware the creeping encroachment on our rights, think ahead.

Wayne Weathers