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Letter: What is to be done with snow and ice?

To the editor,

I would like to know who is responsible for enforcing the City Code § 90.04 ice and snow on public sidewalks. Can a business or homeowner be fined if they are not properly cleared within the 48 hours?

There are many areas along 15th Street, Pine Street and other areas where kids walk to-and-from school that are terrible with either ice or slush depending on the weather. This also poses a problem for city-owned property, such as sidewalks along Pioneer Park, Pine Street, Pleasant, Tyler, etc. Do they not also have to abide by the same statute? 

Not only is it dangerous for walking, but it is a horrible way to start the day with soaking wet shoes. The alternative for kids, or adults, is to be walking in the street, which is far more dangerous, hence why there are sidewalks. This also poses a problem for anyone that is handicapped, trying to maneuver through the ice and snow.  I'm concerned as to why this is this not being enforced.  This is a valid safety issue that needs some resolution. I'd rather see a proactive role in solving this problem vs. after-the-fact when someone has gotten hurt.

Kris Hinderscheid