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Letter: Minnesotans' gun rights under threat

To the editor,

All of you gun owners who voted to re-elect Katie Sieben last November may soon be deeply regretting your decision if she and her DFL colleagues have their way. The DFL-controlled legislature is now hoping to ram through the Minnesota Gun Violence Prevention Act, a package of gun-control bills, which, if enacted into law, would rival New York in their oppressiveness. It includes universal background checks (tantamount to gun registration), bans on so-called "assault weapons," bans on high-capacity magazines and provisions that would discourage people from seeking professional help for fear they would lose their gun rights if they did so. Many current concealed-carry protections would be stripped away as well.

Gun control doesn't work because criminals by definition don't obey the law anyway. Chicago, despite its handgun ban, had over 500 murders last year; by contrast, Kennesaw, Ga., which requires every household to own a gun, hasn't had a murder in 30 years. The Sandy Hook shootings took place in a "gun-free zone" in a state that according to the Brady Campaign had the fifth-toughest gun laws in the nation.

A certain level of personal risk is part of the price we all pay to live in a free society. That's something I'm willing to accept. The alternative is not the peaceful utopian society that naive liberals dream about, but rather a totalitarian nightmare regime like Nazi Germany or the USSR. Let's not abandon reason and truth for emotionalism and hysteria.

John Windsor