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Letter: Why aren't humans as valued as animals?

To the editor,

I want to start out by saying that I love animals. I love the fact that Animal Ark is a no-kill shelter and I think they do a great job in our community adopting out animals to good homes. I applaud their efforts to create an annual no-kill day for shelters all over the nation.

However, I can't help but find the irony in this and it raises many questions for me. Why do we as a society not value the same for our humans? Why do we not ask clinics and hospitals to adopt a no-kill attitude and stress adoption over abortion? There are many couples seeking babies they would love to adopt into their lives. However, we as a society have embraced our ability to abort our unwanted babies rather than see them through to adoption. Why do we not look at life in all its forms as a gift from God? Why can we not wake up and start instilling in our children that life is sacred from conception to natural death? Until we do, will we as a society continue to be plagued by people who solve their problems by killing? As for me, I believe God has higher ideals for us. I just wish we could figure it out.

Cyndi Cadwell