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Letter: Thanks go out to Neville Amondson

To the editor,

Smart Ride of Hastings would like to say thank you to Neville Amondson for using his personal story to help others and educating kids on drinking and driving. It takes a special person to be able to make something good from a bad and tragic situation and to use it to help and educate others.

The Smart Ride family holds your story close to our hearts. In 2006 Joy and Dennis Lichtsinn started this business with the hope to someday save many lives for personal reasons; one being tragedy hit home caused from drinking and driving and the second being that even if you don't hurt or kill someone or yourself you may still get a DUI and that alone can change your life.

Many people believe that Smart Ride encourages a person to drink when in fact that is not true. The reality is that people are going to drink no matter what, so we are here to help them get home safe. It is our responsibility as a community to help educate our kids and others about the dangers of drinking and driving. A person's life can change with one choice and it not only affects one person, it affects many people. Many of our Smart Ride drivers have listened to customers tell their stories about loved ones that were hurt or killed from drunk drivers or their loved ones made one bad choice to drink and drive and they have hurt or killed someone or have gotten a DUI and lost everything. Those are stories a person doesn't forget and that is why we appreciate anyone that shares their stories.

Smart Ride feels that keeping drunk drivers off the road is a very important issue that has not been properly addressed and that is why with your help and the community's help we can make the roads safer and save lives.

We would like to thank everyone and all of our customers for your support and we wish you a happy holiday.

Josh Norwig and Matthew Norwig

Smart Ride's owners