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Letter: Jesus is there and 'ready to save the drowning, the lost and the heartbroken'

To the editor,

I would like to speak briefly on a letter that was written to you regarding the Pastor's Corner by Mr. Jack Haren. First off, I do not want the readers to be mislead when Mr. Haren admits his inability at any moment to "...know what God's true intentions are?" God's "true" intentions are no different than his supposed untrue intentions, or those of which we cannot grasp or fully understand. His nature and His intention are good and they are divine, we know this from His word. Through His word and through our experiences we followers know His intentions to be truly good. The Lord does not want his children to experience hardship. He loves us. But He is wise and He knows that bad things will happen..Yet he remains near.

Jesus was and is at the center of the tragedies in Hastings. He is there ready to save the drowning, the lost, and the heartbroken. It's hard to justify a letter like Mr. Haren's at a time like this. We have a bit from a pastor, intended to guide and to heal, being combed through and nitpicked to what end? For what purpose should we be scrutinizing these words of hope to such a drastic and inaccurate degree? Our priorities should be elsewhere Hastings.

I sympathize with Mr. Haren. My brother Spencer Connell suffered the same fate as his friend Mitch Lucas and yet peace, love, faith and hope and joy are not strangers to me. Pray.

What is more sensible to a man about to drown than a "rescue craft that floats?" I do not know.

Judson Connell

Editor's note: The author is in the U.S. Navy and is stationed in Lexington, Ken.