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Letter: Hastings Family Service gives thanks

To the editor,

Fifteen years ago the Thanksgiving Day family tradition called Gobble Gait was born out of a dream. The fun run raised $4,600 dollars that first year. This year, Gobble Gait brought 3,300 participants together on a beautiful morning, raising $95,000 for the programs at Hastings Family Service. Since its inception, Gobble Gait has raised $678,000 for HFS.

Gobble Gait has allowed HFS to not just feed the body, but to feed the soul. HFS serves the whole person, not just their hunger. Gobble Gait allows HFS to be more than just a bag of food; to be a hand up and not just a hand out. As we sit in awe at what Gobble Gait has done for HFS and this community, we know one thing for sure. HFS would not be the same organization it is today if fifteen years ago Gobble Gait had not been established. Neighboring communities often ask, "Why don't we have a Hastings Family Service (HFS)?" It is a very good question. HFS is blessed to provide so much more because of the generosity and caring heart of this community. Thanks to the Gobble Gait organizers Brian Radke, Jay Kochendorfer, Mary Hoffmann Fasbender, the business sponsors, and this community for caring for their neighbors in such an extraordinary way.

Chris Koop

Executive Director Hastings Family Service