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Letter: Pastor's Corner missed its mark

To the editor,

The Pastor's Corner two weeks ago was entirely hogwash. In the first paragraph, Pastor Paris Pasch claims that God never wanted us to experience any sort of hardship. For me, that begged a question: How could anyone possibly know what god's true intentions are?

In the third paragraph, Pasch attempts to convince by telling a story about a man standing atop a roof amidst a flood. His feet rooted to shingles, the man waits for god to deliver him. He ignores three potential rescue crafts that float by and eventually drowns. After his death, the man finds out god sent those crafts. Why wouldn't god send something that made sense to the man? This story actually detracts from your "deal." God is still culpable. The same could be said for events in real life, such as the death of my longtime friend Mitch Lucas, who seemed to be just as confused.

The proposed deal is irrelevant and dishonest. As a non-believer, I choose to concentrate on the actual task, which is fulfilling the needs of human beings, especially when the situation enters my personal circle of family and friends. My own grievance process included looking to friends, watching T.V., and sympathizing on social media websites. According to Mr. Pasch, people that partake in these actions "falsely see medicating the problem as a way of removing the pain." That couldn't be more wrong. My bounce back into a normal routine and thought process was quicker than most. That said, I wholeheartedly disagree that god is "the best deal in town."

Jack Haren