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Letter: Thanks to helpers, day was 'amazing'

To the editor,

Now that I have had time to process Thanksgiving Day Dinner served at Hastings United Methodist Church, I thought I would tell you one of the many moments that are impressed on my heart.

The first six women who showed up I put in charge of the kitchen. I showed them the recipes, the ingredients, and asked they figure out how to get all the food cooked and ready by 1. If you know me, that was a big step, I never thought of myself as a micro manager ... I just wanted people to do things my way and it would all be fine. I left these six women with each other, a couple was from our church, and there was a mother, daughter from the community. These six women went to work.  

About an hour later I was sitting in room 111 and listened to the chatter coming from the kitchen. These women were amazing. They were given a task they had no idea they were walking into, they didn't know each other and had fun. The chatter and laughter coming from the kitchen would warm the coldest of hearts.

The day was amazing. Every year I struggle with if this is the right thing to do. Will we have enough food? Will we have enough volunteers? Is this the right thing to do? I already have six people for next year.

I can never thank The Hastings Bierstube and Hastings Perkins enough for the food and the pies. Words just don't seem to be enough.  I always hope to be a blessing to others when I do things like this and yet, the blessings I received are a hundred times more than I could ever be to anyone.

I am saddened I waver in my trust in God. This last year and three months have been challenging for me to understand why God works the way he does in my life. (The whole Scott and Karrie thing is still a mystery to me). Then, He wakes me with a sunrise, the miracles of the day and says goodnight to me with the sunset. Every once in a while he will throw a rainbow in there just to say to me, "I got this Karrie, I'm here, we will get through this together."

How did I get so lucky to have a God who loves me so much? This story is only one of a hundred that happened on Thanksgiving Day.

Karrie Hamilton Williamson