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Letter: In support of Katie Sieben

To the editor,

I recently turned 18, and I'm looking forward to voting for the first time on Nov. 6.

This is an exciting election for me, not only because it's my first time casting a ballot, but also because I get to vote for my mom, Danna Elling Schultz for city council and for my friend, Katie Sieben, for state senator.

I'm sure you think "of course she's voting for her mom," but let me say that aside from being an outstanding parent, my mom is also a terrific role model and a great leader who cares very much about Hastings and the people who live here. She knows how to face challenges and solve problems. I think you should vote for her, too.

I've known Katie Sieben for 10 years, and I can tell you she is also a terrific person, great role model, strong leader, wonderful mother and true friend. She's been at my house many times, and she always asks how things are going with my friends, at school and about my future plans. I've watched Katie work hard so we could build a new bridge and listened to her ideas on how to make our schools better. Now I need to talk to her about how to make sure college is affordable! She knows how to work together with all kinds of people and she deserves our vote on Nov. 6.

So on Election Day, join me in voting for my mom, Danna Elling Schultz, and my friend, Sen. Katie Sieben.

Abigail Schultz