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Letter: Against the voter ID amendment

To the editor,

I have been racking my brain to justify the need for having identification for the right to vote. Are we afraid of illegal immigrants voting? I'm sure they would stay far away from any polling place for fear of deportation. How about people voting in multiple places? I.D.s will not in any way prevent that and I do not feel it is a big enough issue to mess with our constitution.

Who does it really affect? The single mom with two jobs, who uses public transportation, who worries more about feeding her kids then to take the time and money to get a government issued ID. Once again it is the poor and minorities, and, yes, the elderly taking the hit and having their privileges reduced. Voter ID requirements will also add to the expense to run an election.

I especially have a tough time with loading our constitution down with rules that are best handled by our elected officials. Voting is a right. By making a constitution amendment, it now becomes a privilege, which is not what this country is about. We became our own country to get away from the tyranny of England.

Richard Most