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Letter: In support of Christy Jo Fogarty

To the editor,

I am supporting Christy Jo Fogarty for Dakota County Commissioner. This fall I emailed both Christy Jo Fogarty and her opponent, Mike Slavik, expressing my concerns about unelected bodies like the Met Council and their ability to levy taxes and the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, which appropriates tax money to various interests, instead of having those appropriations go through the legislative process to be decided by your elected representatives.

Taxation without representation is one of the main issues that precipitated the original colonies' split from England, and here we are in the thick of that issue all over again. I never heard from Mike Slavik, but Christy Jo took the time to respond to my questions. She explained that, as a member of the Farmington City Council she has worked to resist the Met Council's push to move Dakota County into the transit taxing district, which would serve to increase the Met Council's revenues, and put them in the power position regarding property and transportation projects, rather than the people you elect.

Hastings and Farmington are in the same arena as the heavy hitters in the county, Eagan and Burnsville, and we need all voices to be heard. Christy Jo is a strong advocate for property rights, which we had all better be on our guard to protect. A little research will show you that they are not as sacrosanct as you might think, and citizens need someone like Mrs. Fogarty on the board to represent us.

Janet Schultz