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Letter: In support of Joanna Bayers (with correction)

To the editor,

He's done it again. Maybe it was only a Romney type moment or a slip of the tongue, taking credit where credit isn't due.

At the recent Cottage Grove League of Women Voters forum, Senate District 54B House Representive Dennis MaNamara claimed to have the AFL-CIO endorsement. Not true! A viewing of the forum video clearly shows Denny speaking to the endorsement. The AFL-CIO endorsement was awarded to Joanna Bayers.

I support DFL candidate Joanna Bayers, a straight talking, hard working, hockey playing graduate from the University of Superior.

If you are tired of grid lock, double speak, government shut down, lock step voting against the needs of Hastings (bridge funding, school funding and infrastructure repairs) vote Joanna Bayers in the District 54B House of Representatives race on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Don Slaten, Hastings

Editor's notes: The writer is the second Congressional District associate chair for the DFL party.

Mr. McNamara has pointed out since this letter was posted online and published in print that he is in fact endorsed by a number of AFL-CIO unions, including 49er's, carpenters and the St. Paul Building and Trades.