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Letter: In support of Kathryn Messerich

To the editor,

You will soon go to the polls to consider the candidates for the contested elections for district judge in the First Judicial District that includes Carver, Dakota, Scott, Sibley, McLeod, Le Seuer and Goodhue Counties.

I've been practicing law in the First District for more than 30 years and get to court a lot. I've also been a member of and active in both the First District and Dakota County Bar Associations for all of that time. I thought it was very important to meet the people who had filed for these seats.

I've appeared in front to Judge Kathryn Messerich on many different occasions. I've found her forthright, insightful, smart and hard working. Additionally, she's a real problem solver - a skill that is so important in a judge. I had never met nor heard of her challenger. In checking him out on the Minnesota Court Information System, I found that in several years of practice, he's had only 10 cases in the courts - nine misdemeanors (minor criminal matters) in which his clients all pled guilty and one adoption.

I really think the First District deserves more than a beginner. That's why I'm asking you to vote for Kathryn Messerich for Judge.

Patricia A. O'Gorman