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Letter: Superficial banter needs to be ignored

To the editor,

Recently, a letter was written about the presidential campaign being superficial. While I agreed that the superficiality exists, I did not agree with the rest of the letter.

To begin, this election is not about "the philosophy of Liberals vs. Conservatives." To say that is a false dichotomy. What about all of the other parties? They are prevalent and need to be heard too. 

Next, the letter claimed the position on wealth in both parties. Liberals want to redistribute the "unequal pieces of pie" so everyone has an equal serving. The conservatives, on the other hand, also want redistribution, but instead have simply baked more pies so everyone has a bigger piece.

It seems to me that both positions are incorrect. Maybe the solution has to combine a pie recipe from both parties. Or perhaps a whole new recipe has to be made. The independent baker down the street might be willing to give out a few tips if there are a few listeners.

In my opinion, we need a new location and business model on top of a new recipe. And I say that because we have forgotten about all of the pies that the conservatives have already eaten. By that, I mean the 16 trillion dollars of debt that has accumulated nationally.

I will even go so far that to say conservatives have food poisoned themselves with their recipe. And because the case is politics, they have poisoned the entire country by feeding every one of us. Every time a new batch is baked, they claim it will be different. Whatever is being baked needs to stop so we can throw out the oven because what has been baked has proven not to be edible anymore.

Setting up our new business begins with a vote to elect new leaders to run it. To do that, the superficial banter needs ignoring. Then, every party needs to be considered without the silly labels inducing us to be stubborn, bias and irrational.

Politics isn't about competition between the different bakers of pie. Rather, it is about compromise, or taking good ideas from all of the baker's and making a new, innovative product that is not only edible, but good tasting and gluten free. Moreover, it is about making the pie gluten free and making the tough decision to eat something that is different, but better for everyone.

Jack Haren