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Letter: In support of Tony Nelson

To the editor,

I am writing this letter to urge the citizens of the Third Ward to re-elect Tony Nelson to the Hastings City Council. Throughout his four years on the council, Tony Nelson has demonstrated his deep commitment to the citizens of the Third Ward and our neighborhoods.

As chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee and member of the Finance Committee, Tony has exhibited outstanding leadership in getting things done while influencing and shaping city priorities in drafting balanced budgets. His advice, hard work and counsel on many city projects like the new bridge, 14th Street and 17th Street area improvements and the June storm clean up operation have been invaluable. The Third Ward and all of Hastings can be proud of the work Councilmember Tony Nelson has done. I know I am.

I hope you will join me on Nov. 6 and send a strong message to continue good and effective local government. Re-electing Tony Nelson to the city council will send that message.

Paul Hicks


City of Hastings