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Letter: An open letter from Alex Nowlan

To the community that I have harmed,

I'm writing this letter for the reason that I want to sincerely apologize for the harm I caused to the community in the vandalism incident on the morning of Dec. 1, 2010, in the community of Hastings.

During the day before, I made the decision to drink to excess. During my period of intoxication, I made further negative decisions to buy spray paint, and to use that in vandalizing houses with racist and hate filled remarks.

I deeply regret what I have done to the immediate victims involved as well as the community.

It was unfortunate as the incident was completely unprovoked by the families affected. I understand and know the damage it has caused to them, and this town, and the community as a whole. I do realize that even past the immediate victims, that the town itself has suffered damage due to the incident. Making the townsfolk question if this could happen to them, fearing this could happen to their own homes, which is something that people should never have to question, the safety of their home.

With an offender, the chance of re-offending is always a possibility, but I have taken steps to keep this from ever happening again, by having gone to treatment to take hold of my addiction and to better deal with my emotions. Along with that, I have been continuing to go to AA meetings since then, and soon will be speaking to people about what I have experienced. I cannot take back what has happened, but I can at the very least to try to make up for what I've done.

As well as paying restitution to the families of the victims, I have participated in the Sentence to Serve program, as well as volunteered at Carpenters Nature Center 40 hours this year and another 40 the next year, to make amends to the community that I have harmed.

I again apologize to those that I have affected by my actions.


Alex Nowlan