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Letter: Community's generosity is amazing

To the editor,

This time of year at Hastings Family Service (HFS) we see the awesome generosity of this community. 2,600 people participated in Gobble Gait and hundreds of businesses sponsored the event, making this Gobble Gait the most successful in its 14 year history. The 42nd Annual Project Share provided musical entertainment by amateur groups and even the Hastings High School varsity hockey team sang an upbeat rendition of Jingle Bells, all in an effort to raise money for the holiday assistance program at HFS.

This Sunday the Holiday Train will put on a musical show at 4 p.m. at the Canadian Pacific Railway Depot, to help raise awareness of hunger in our nation and directly here in our own community. This culminates the Merchants Bank 10 Days of Giving and all of the school district food and coin drives.

Approximately 275 families have come to HFS in the past three weeks for holiday assistance and we expect another 200 to come through the doors before Christmas. Gobble Gait, Project Share, the Holiday Train and individual donors like you will make it possible.

At HFS we see the entire spectrum of those who need a little help with gifts and groceries this time of year to those who can give of themselves and provide support and help. It truly is the most beautiful thing to witness. This community provides more than we can begin to mention to help our neighbors and feed hungry families. You give families special moments of hope.

Thank you for being that caring neighbor; thank you for putting a smile on a child's face; thank you for providing relief for an unemployed father; and thank you for giving of yourself. You all are truly amazing.

Merry Christmas!

Chris Koop on behalf of the staff and board of

Hastings Family Service