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Letter: In support of Dan Greil

To the editor,

We are voting to re-elect Dan Greil to the Hastings Independent School District 200 board.

Dan's past four years of voting records have proven that he is more than willing to make the tough decisions that are necessary to utilize our tax dollars to the best advantage for all of our kids. Dan says it best, so we'd like to quote from his "Re-election" web page. He states: "Funding of schools at the state level continues to be precarious at best. When evaluating an issue, I always look at the value for our students, but also the value of our taxpayers."

As taxpayers, we want this kind of fiscally sound thinking and we want Dan to continue to be one of this School Board's thinkers.

In addition to his prudent side, Dan is a kind-hearted man who loves kids, is good natured and is able to deal well with all kinds of people.

To keep this letter short, we would invite you to learn more about Dan by visiting

Make your vote count on Nov. 8 and vote for Dan Greil.

Wayne and Trish Thompson