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Letter: In support of Kyle Latch

To the editor,

Some might find it interesting that Kyle Latch, fifth grade teacher for South Washington County Schools, is running for the Hastings School District Board. Interesting, yes, but if you knew him you would know that it's simply part of who Kyle is. I've been teaching for almost 17 years, and the last few, as a Reading Specialist, have allowed me to work closely with numerous teachers. Some teachers stand out as leaders in their field. Kyle not only stands out, he shines. He's filled with more than the typical qualities of most teachers; organized, compassionate, creative. He's passionate. He has a drive that makes him ask, "Why not?" It's no wonder when I asked him why he wanted to do this, he said, "I have lived in Hastings my whole life and have experienced the tradition of excellence offered within our school district. I want every student within the Hastings School District to be able to continue to receive the quality education so many of us have enjoyed over the years." Kyle's connections to Hastings and that innate drive will make you proud to have voted for him. Join me, a teacher and parent of a Kennedy Cougar, in voting for Kyle Latch on Nov. 8!

Anne Wenisch