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Letter: Candidates should address attack ads

I place the blame for the state shutdown squarely on Tom Emmer and his campaign staff. His refusal to address the incessant personal attacks foisted upon him by his opponents in the final days of the last campaign resulted in his very narrow defeat.

Television ads attacking him for his 20-year-old drunk driving conviction ran incessantly during the last days before the election. He could have very easily negated these attacks with TV ads of his own pointing out that: "We all have made mistakes in our lives and have used those mistakes to correct errors we have made in the past. I have confidence in Minnesotans willingness to forgive past mistakes and to vote for who a candidate is today, rather than on an error he committed 20 years ago. This unremitting attack on a mistake I committed 20 years ago is an example of how some will engage in personal attacks when they know they cannot win on the real issues.

I very much hope that candidates will in the future respond to personal attack ads such as those used against Tom Emmer rather than remain silent, giving credence to the ads.

Morris Gildemeister