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Letter: State Representative donates salary

Minnesota has entered its second week of a state government shutdown, and I am truly disappointed that we have not finalized a state budget. I'm encouraged we were close to a resolution on June 30, and I strongly believe we have the ability to close the gap. But as I've said before, progress is difficult when both sides believe they were elected based on different priorities - one to raise taxes and spending, the other to reform government and force it to live within its means.

Having spent the bulk of my life working in the private sector, I understand that people are paid to get things done - which makes this government shutdown even more frustrating. That's why I've been donating my State of Minnesota compensation to our local hospital -- the Regina Medical Foundation -- since session ended on May 23, and will continue to do so until we have a budget solution.

When I'm not at the Capitol this week, I will be around at the Rivertown Days festivities, and hope to see you there. If you see me, feel free to stop by and share your comments. If not, you can always contact me by phone or by email. My home phone number is 437-2597 and my email is rep.den


State Rep. Denny McNamara