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Letter: McNamara's endorsement of Pawlenty looks shady

As a Democratic Activist, Denny McNamara has made it tough for me to go after him.  Most Republicans are activists so they make easy targets because they are trapped by ideology. McNamara is not an activist. He is a politician so he knows what he can and can't get away with, he's a local man with a local history, and I actually respect him so that makes it difficult to find any fault with him...until now. Tim Pawlenty last month gave a list of 100 Minnesotans endorsing him for president and Denny's name is on the list. The problem? Pawlenty's Political Action Committee gave local Republicans money and fund raised for them too and it looks like McNamara is returning the favor. Three other local Republicans also endorsed Pawlenty but they are activists and would go right off a cliff.  But McNamara is better than that and my solution is unendorse Pawlenty now and either re-endorse him in November closer to the primary, endorse someone else (Mitt Romney, John Huntsman Jr.), or do not endorse anyone at all. And if you think I say this as just a Democrat, I was concerned last year when Margaret Anderson Kelliher was using her clout as house speaker to get the DFL gubernatorial endorsement when she was doing poorly at the local caucuses only to lose in the primary to Mark Dayton. I just wonder if Denny will get the message.

William Cory Labovitch

South St. Paul