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Letter: What is best for our kindergarteners? The story changes

To the editor,

When will the educational hierarchy ever tell us the truth?

The real truth is that we have our school population fit the buildings and not the buildings fit the population.

A few years back we were told that the best way to educate kindergarten children was to put them on a separate campus. So, the public listened to the professionals and agreed to this change. This occurred at the same time that it was decided to eliminate one of our elementary school buildings. The building was sold and we had one less school building.

Kindergarten was in a campus setting and all elementary buildings had student populations of grades 1-5.

Then we were told that Tilden needed major repairs and we must move our students out of the building. A referendum was put to the voters to add on to Hastings Middle School and move fifth grade to the middle school. We will then move kindergarten back into the elementary school buildings in a K-4 setting because this is the best way to educate our youth.

But wait a minute: Weren't we told before that a kindergarten campus was the best?

Of course, the grades 5-8 middle school setting is now the best way to educate our youth. Oh, really?

School officials, please tell us the truth! It's all about the money! Please quit insulting our intelligence! Thank you.

Doug Riles