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Letter: In support of Katie Sieben

To the editor,

I am writing in support of our State Senator Katie Sieben. She has been a champion for the people and issues facing our district and state. The highway improvements, the Red Rock Corridor, and the new bridge have all benefited from her efforts. She has joined with Representative McNamara, both disregarding party partisanship, to work together, for the good of the district. Additionally, Katie has several years of experience with the legislative budget process; in a year where difficult decisions will have to be made, her experience and knowledge will be an asset to the constituents she serves.

I am concerned by the negative mail we have received from Katie's opponent. This material contains much criticism, but no specific plans to offer for change. There are broad statements about creating jobs, cutting taxes, and balancing the budget with no plan on how to do any of this.

I saw the candidates on a televised question and answer program. Karin Housley's answers to many of the questions were the same. Balance the budget, cut spending, but where were the specifics? I would like her to tell us, where in the current budget, she would make specific cuts to balance it without raising taxes. Of course, that should include all taxes, unlike the last eight years when the increases were left for others to impose. Cities, counties, and school districts have been forced to raise revenue due to state cuts. On the same program, her education qualifications seem to come from looking for communities with good schools, when the family made various moves. Most people cannot choose a home, where there are good schools, without concern for cost. We need good schools everywhere.

I ask that you listen to and read what the candidates offer for experience and solutions for our problems and disregard the attacks and rhetoric. Lastly, some members of Katie's family have served the people in elected office and the National Guard, some have not. Instead of demonizing this public service, Housley should talk about issues instead of mud slinging.

Don Olson Jr.