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Letter: Housley's absence was troubling

The League of Women voters puts on a candidate forum every election cycle for the voting public to hear from the candidates. A structured debate, if you will, on the issues.

The League requires both candidates to be present to have this debate. It is also one of the best ways for us, the voting public to hear what all these people have in the bag for fixes to government. The real kicker is that John Kriesel and Karin Housely did not even show up. They both sited an event conflict.

The event conflict was, they attended a Republican fundraiser in South St Paul with T-Paw earlier in the evening. We did hear that Kriesel got funds from high level national GOP big wigs. Do you like the idea that conservatives from inside the beltway in DC are trying to help our local state candidates get elected?

I think it shows a lack of respect to the people they hope to serve to not debate. They don't have respect for us now, so nothing makes me think they would if they were elected.

Mike Skweres

Cottage Grove