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Letter: In support of Karin Housley

To the editor,

It continues to disappoint me that the racino issue has been largely ignored at the capitol in recent years. It's astonishing that the legislature has continually failed to listen to the will of the people when 80 percent of Minnesotans support racino legislation.

This year, I'm hoping my fellow citizens will elect individuals who will do a better job of representing the people of Minnesota instead of powerful political interests. Fortunately, election season ensures that we, as citizens, can do something to guarantee that our voices are heard in St. Paul during the coming year.

Karin Housley, a strong racino advocate, cares about people, understands how to address the economic deficits that have actually been caused by our poor political representatives and is a woman with an amazing record of service in the community. We are lucky to have Karin running in Senate District 57 because she knows what racino legislation can do for our state and she understands that her constituents want to see this legislation passed.

Therefore, I ask you to join me in supporting Karin Housley in District 57. Anyone who listens will know that she supports the will of the people.

Now is the time to elect politicians who are actually willing to represent their constituents, not their political cronies and lobbyists. Electing Karin Housley in District 57 would be a good start.

David Astar