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Hastings needs to produce more

To the editor,

I was reading the Star Gazette and happened upon the section regarding the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. As a town, we don't make anything here. We buy stuff from Target, Ace and Walmart, but if we really want to get out of our economic woes, we need to produce. As a town, state and country, we need to ask ourselves, "What is my workplace environment condition worth to me in order to put food on my table."

With Workers Com, OSHA, EPA, MPCA, unions, Americans with Disabilities Act, and ECT regulating industry, is it any wonder we don't have any jobs? If we, as a town and country, do not address these issues, the police state we have set up will blossom. Lee Iacocca's chilling prophecy that the United States will someday become a hollowed out shell of a once successful country that has been reduced to suing each other and selling each other hamburgers will be true, unless we start an honest dialogue.

Mark Bullis