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Letter: Highway 61 needs a fix

To the editor,

Like Hastings, I live in Senate District 57, so in 2008, I marched with local Democrats in the Hastings Rivertown Days.

A man was heckling us so I asked him why and he brought up taxes. I said that many of the taxes are meant for projects and he said everything was fine so I brought up the Highway 61 bridge area and he stated it was fine just the way it is. So, I brought up a woman who I heard died while trying to drive across it. So, he replied that she probably had insurance. And I asked, "How does insurance help when you are dead?" And then, I was more perplexed when a man belonging to a Christian group of all things joined in the discussion and stated it was the woman's fault for not buying a better car.

I bring this up because of recent events with another accident in the area and that I recently picked up trash around there that included too many car parts. And true, individual accountability is a huge part of auto accidents, but it is also important to understand that areas like Highway 61 need to be fixed to be safer and more comfortable for drivers because the roads are too small and old considering the growing population that uses the bridge, and to sit and say that everything is fine is wrong. This recent accident proves this and that money from the state and national government, funded by the taxpayers, will probably be needed to help stop this unnecessary loss of life and damages and fix highway 61. And contrary to what groups like the Tea Party think, that is the truth.

William Cory Labovitch

South Saint Paul