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Letters to the editor: Bridge will remain open

To the editor,

The article about the Red Rock Corridor authored by Don Davis on page seven of last week's newspaper (February 11, 2010) contains some information that is in error. Mr. Davis states that the "bus line is being sought in part because the Mississippi River bridges in Hastings and St. Paul are to be closed for replacement in the coming years."

This is not true. The Highway 61 Hastings Bridge will remain open during new bridge construction. The Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce has worked closely with the city and MnDOT during new bridge planning to ensure that the existing bridge will remain open to traffic.

It is important to take every opportunity we have to communicate that the bridge will remain open. We want to encourage travelers to visit Hastings and to support our business community.

Judy Misencik

Board Member, Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce

Chairperson, Hastings Bridge Coalition