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Letters to the editor: What was Rosemount thinking with sign?

To the editor,

The City of Rosemount erected a monument-type sign on Highway 55 at the edge of their city limits that says "Welcome to Rosemount." It's a lovely sign. However, if you are driving towards Hastings, the sign illogically says "Rosemount". Clearly, Hastings is not Rosemount. Over the Christmas holiday someone quite predictably vandalized that side of the sign so that it more accurately read "Hastings". While not condoning vandalism, I certainly understood the urge. Several weeks later Rosemount removed the vandalized panel. I eagerly waited to see what would replace it. I thought maybe they would amend it to say "Leaving Rosemount" or "Thank you for visiting Rosemount". Nope. Once again the sign announces "Rosemount", just as you are entering Hastings.

Karla Hiedeman