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Letter: Upgrade of storm water system vital

To the editor,

I do not want to pay the extra annual fee for maintaining our storm water system. However, I would rather pay it directly to the city of Hastings than to the state in the form of income tax and have the state decide on who and how the funds are dispersed.

Actually, Hastings is one of the last Metro Cities to install this fee and our fees are in the middle in costs compared to other cities. Hastings, being a city on the Mississippi, which is a national treasure, has a responsibility to make sure its water runoff from streets and storm sewers is as clean as we can make it. Water is our most precious resource and it has been treated as a waste product for others down river to deal with. I applaud the city council for approving this fee structure as it is badly needed. When I see the street sweepers, and other maintenance and construction projects on our streets, I feel that it is money well spent.

Philip Vieth