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Opinion: Our wish list for 2010

It's a New Year, and we hope it will be your best.

We also hope it's a good year for our little river city. To that end, we publish our 2010 Hastings wish list:

• Our first wish is for a new bridge. We realize it won't be completed anytime soon, but we want the arch design chosen, and we want construction to begin on schedule. Let's get this project going.

• No new taxes. We don't want any more assessments, taxes, fees or whatever they are called these days. None. Don't raise our taxes unless we get a chance to vote on the proposal.

• This wish is a simple one: If you run a business that sells alcohol, please don't sell to someone under the age of 21. Just check the person's ID and if they are under 21, that will be clearly stated on their ID.

• We offer a wish for all Hastings businesses out there: We sincerely hope 2010 is better for you than 2009 was. We know it wasn't an easy year for many of you, and we're thankful you made it through.

We need you to make it. With every business that closes, our weakened economy just gets weaker.

• We've had friends across Hastings lose their homes in 2009 to foreclosure. We wish for that to end.

• We're wishing that whoever prints out those pink slips that are handed out at layoffs will cease printing them and that nobody in Hastings will lose their job in 2010.

• There were some truly tragic and sad stories to come out of 2009. We're hoping your 2010 is a safe one full of good health and prosperity.