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Letter: Take care of your body

To the editor,

I recently discovered how important my diet is to my health. I've gulped chips and chocolate, gone to various fast food chains and generally go for salt, fat and sweets. This is the diet that I've known all my life. I actually thought I was eating healthy because I do eat broccoli about once a day. I got a wake-up call because for the last year or so my nose has been constantly stuffed, and I get sick a lot. After numerous visits to the doctor's office, I ended up at the allergist. He said I have mild allergies, but they are not severe enough to explain my symptoms. He put me on a D-I-E-T (gasp). I do so hate that word. It included a lot of vegetables and fruit, limited gluten, no dairy, soda, juices, chocolate or junk food, and no eating 2 hours before bed. It's been three weeks, and I am amazed at the change. My nose is no longer stuffed up; I don't cough all the time. I also don't feel as "zingy" as I did on my previous diet. Meaning if someone cuts me off in traffic, my adrenaline doesn't go through the roof. It's not easy and it actually takes work to eat healthy, but I hope I can stick with it. My point is its better to prevent illness by taking care of your body as much as you can in order to stay out of the doctor's office in the first place. I wish I'd figured it out sooner.

Debbie Jahnke