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Letter: Community ed council supports bond

To the editor,

The Hastings Community Education Advisory Council has gone on record to support and endorse the upcoming school district bond issue to be held Nov. 3, 2009. At our Sept. 15 Community Education Advisory Council meeting, we heard an extensive presentation regarding the need for the $19.25 million bond issue. This need was validated by a representative group of District 200 citizens who served on the School District's Facilities Task Force for the past 12 months. Based on their findings and recommendations, the School Board has elected to move forward with the bond issue to preserve our school facilities and provide additional classroom space that meets the 21st century educational needs of our kids. The Hastings Community Education Advisory Council was also informed our school district was one of 12 school districts selected by the Minnesota Department of Education to receive stimulus dollars, $16.7 million in interest-free loans.

If the voters approve the bond issue, we will literally save up to $11 million on interest we would have had to pay on the bonds. What an incredible opportunity for our community! Hastings has been very fortunate to have the community's support in previous bond issues and levy referendums for which we are most grateful. As part of the resolution to support and endorse the bond issue, the Hastings Community Education Advisory Council encourages all voters to become informed about the bond issue and to exercise your right to vote Nov. 3.

Don Kramlinger, Director

School District 200 Community Education