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To the editor: Socialized care isn't the answer

To the editor,

After reading Dr. Spinelli's letter to the editor informing the readers of his support for "Universal Single Payer Health Care," or in other words, "Government Controlled Socialized Medicine," I have a few questions for him.

Name me one country where government controlled, socialized medicine is a success? There are none.

Name me one country that people from around the world flock to for their health care. The U.S.A, the absolute best health care in the world.

Tell me which government program is a huge success? Medicare or Social Security? Both government programs are plagued with fraud and corruption and are insolvent and headed for bankruptcy. Our young people know they're paying into a program that is broken and won't be there for them when they retire.

Democrats in Congress and the White House propose saving money on the backs of senior citizens by reducing payments to Medicare providers by half a trillion over 10 years, while at the same time providing health care for illegal aliens; sounds like euthanasia to me.

Last week, Republican U.S. Senator and doctor Tom Coburn submitted an amendment to the 1,100-page health care bill. Amendment No. 226 would require that Congress and the White House must be enrolled in the government public health care program that the rest of us are being forced into. The Democrats in the Senate voted this amendment down. Obviously, what's good for all of us (the peons) is not good enough for Congress.

Why should I trust my health care to a bunch of out-of-control Washington bureaucrats that are printing and spending money faster than drunken sailors (no offense to sailors) and are bankrupting our country? Given the current rate of spending of this administration and Congress, our country will amass more debt than all previous administrations combined, from George Washington through George W. Bush.

Washington's definition of hope and change is destroying our country.

Earlene Williams